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Publisher FAQ

Why should I sign up with Advercore?
We know that we have a unique audience and work with the top marketers to bring you more dollars.

What kind of CPMs do you pay out?
Typically we pay out $1-$3 CPM, but don't hold us to that. Our goal is to payout a higher CPM than a regular network because of our high quality audience.

How do I get paid?
Our payments are NET30. If your payment doesn't meet the minimum $50 payout, it will rollover to the next month.

Who will serve the ads?
We use our own home grown ad serving solution.

Can I run a default tag on your network?
Definitely! We recommend it! We encourage you to give us your best inventory as we are representing your passion to the world.

What control do I have over the campaigns running on my site?
The publisher interface allows you to control which campaigns show on your site. As well, there is a CPM cutoff that you can set, so putting Advercore at the top of your remnant chain doesn't lose you any money.

What kind of sites get accepted?
Right now we accept niche sites focusing on Entertainment, or Cartoon/Anime/Gaming youth sites. If you are unsure if you quality, just apply. We're also in the process of expanding to other markets, so don't be shy and let's talk!